5 Ways Food Shows Will Help Grow Your Business

5 Ways Food Shows Will Help Grow Your Business



1.  Networking

According to a Twitter poll taken by Hubspot, 95% of people say face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term business relationships. Networking events are an excellent way to gain exposure to your band and help grow your business. At The Tasty Expo, we will provide YOU with the opportunity to meet local and regional retail wholesale buyers at our VIP event.


2.  On Site Taste Testing

It’s not very often that you are presented with the opportunity to put your products in the mouths of over 20,000 attendee’s. At The Tasty Expo you will have your booth set up with samples for the attendees to try your products the way you want them to be prepared and displayed, when they might not have even known you existed in the first place!


     3.  Brand Recognition

Each of our individual booth sections will present you with the chance to decorate your space. You will be able to entice the lucky attendees with your brand, your mission, and your products. Your booth will display a beautiful representation of your brand and, as you should know, visual content is everything.


     4.  Excellent Exposure

You know your product, you know where it came from and the story behind it all. At the Tasty Expo, you will be able to tell that story to everyone coming through! When you have a massive crowd at your fingertips, ready to hear your passion for your creations it’s hard to imagine how well your business will flourish.


     5.  Getting Your Name Out There!

Getting that face-to-face interaction with the consumer will leave a lasting impression in their brains because visuals are memorable and effective. They help people process, understand, and retain more information more quickly.