Exhibitor Spotlight: Costco Wholesale

Exhibitor Spotlight: Costco Wholesale

Exhibitor Spotlight: Costco Wholesale


Costco has grown to hold a special place in the hearts of consumers across the world. How fun it is to flash a membership card at the door and instantly have access to thousands of products at discounted prices! Consumers have found that shopping at Costco will cost you far less than what you can expect to pay at the supermarket.

Costco evolved from humble beginnings. They opened in 1976 as Price Club, located in a converted airplane hangar in San Diego. Small businesses were the consumer base initially, until they opened memberships to include non-business members. Their operating philosophy was and still is, to keep costs down and pass the savings to their members. Growth of the warehouse club took off and they opened their first warehouse location in Seattle in 1983. Since then the company has grown worldwide with sales in 2017 of $126.1 billion! Costco has remained dedicated to offering the best prices on quality, brand-name merchandise and making consumers’ shopping experience a fun one.

Consumer Reports recently ranked the bacon sold under Costco’s store brand, Kirkland Signature, better than most other brands found in grocery stores. And it’s $1.50 cheaper per pound than the competition. Kirkland’s Vanilla Ice Cream was also to be found better and less expensive than competing ice creams.



Top-shelf spirits are much cheaper at Costco than the liquor store. And you can find high quality bottles of wine available in the six-to-nine-dollar range compared to the less expensive bottles at your local wine shop.

Everything from gourmet artisanal cheese to blocks of part-skim mozzarella is cheaper, ounce for ounce, at Costco than at the supermarket.   Many consumers find Costco to be their “go-to” when entertaining during the holidays and throughout the year with items from the bakery and deli sections of the warehouse store.

You can be confident that you are receiving the best value for the products you need at Costco.   A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered to all members, whether you have a Gold Star or Business membership. If you do not appreciate the quality and value of the products you find at Costco, your money will be refunded. Find Costco at Tasty Expo, May 18-20, 2018 to sample their own Kirkland products and if you don’t already have a membership they are on hand to get you signed up.   Taste, Sip and Learn!