Exhibitor Spotlight: Hodgson Mill

Exhibitor Spotlight: Hodgson Mill

Exhibit Spotlight: Hodgson Mill


In 1884, Alva Hodgson, pioneer, entrepreneur and master millwright, purchased the original Hodgson Mill deep in the Missouri Ozarks for $500. An expert in grinding grains, he grew his business from modest beginnings during the great depression. During that time period, the mill building housed a general store and the Sycamore post office as well as a saw mill and cotton gin. It became the gathering place for farmers to bring their grain to be ground into flour and meal and sell it at that same location.   Over the next decades, the mill saw a few rebuilds and additions and eventually changed ownership but still continued producing the highest quality of milled flours.


In 1969 the mill company officially became known as Hodgson Mill, Inc. They began to produce a variety of wholesome, whole grain products and by the 1970’s the demand for natural, non-processed foods required the mill to expand its facilities. Today Hodgson Mill stands by the principles of making nutritious foods of the highest quality, grains that are domestically produced and use only stoneground milling processes. They are environmentally conscious with a commitment to solar and wind power and have won an award for their recycling program. Hodgson Mill’s has 107 products that have been verified by the Non-GMO Project, North America’s only third-party verification and labeling agency for non-GMO products. They have one of the largest selections of non-GMO products available in the grocery industry today!


The creative juices will be flowing during the Tasty Expo Bake-off where Hodgson Mill products will be used by local entrants hoping their brownies, breads or cakes win the grand prize! And don’t miss the Hodgson Mill booth where the sampling is sure to be delicious! Come Taste, Sip and Learn!