Exhibitor Spotlight: Walnut River Brewing Company

Exhibitor Spotlight: Walnut River Brewing Company

Exhibitor Spotlight: Walnut River Brewing Company

Travis Rohrberg, B.J. Hunt, and Rick Goehring are a trio that came together as a not too serious bunch that took their passion of making great beer, coupled it with entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen, to create a successful micro-brewery in El Dorado, Kansas. Walnut River Brewing Company is housed in a 90-year old building that was in great need of repair when they first purchased it, but filled with colorful stories from the past. The most notable resident was Goldie Reidie. She quietly ran a brothel upstairs while the first floor saw a supply co., then a grocery store, and a creamery. Goldie had a 20+ year run until a bakery owner bought the building and shut her down. Filled with years of history, it is now dedicated on brewing what is fast becoming a recognizable brand in the entire state of Kansas and most recently infiltrating Missouri as well.

The interior of Brewery has been designed from historic relics from the area. The pallet racking, an 11’ long stainless steel sink had been used to feed cattle (it’s been cleaned since) and their 3” thick 9’ long chunk of Kansas white oak sales counter provides a slate for customers to leave their signatures on when they visit. The Brewpub screams “Kansas” when you step in to this historic building. The passion Travis, B.J. and Rick have for their home state also drives them the use quality ingredients in their brewing.   Kansas work hard and expect quality and Walnut River Brewing Company is no different.

Walnut River Brewing company will be sharing a taste of their beers at Tasty Expo in May 2018. Come and sip! In the meantime, look for these Walnut River Brewing Company beers for taste of Kansas craft beer at its finest!

Falconers Wheat IPA; Clean and clear, bready, hoppy with lemon

Coffee Porter – Robust Porter; Roasted coffee aroma, chocolatey smooth with a tan head

High Beam IPA; Floral, citrusy, aggressive, yet smooth and welcoming

Warbeard Irish Red; Caramel and toffee-like sweetness on first sip yet fades into slight dryness

Teter Rock Kosch Style Ale; A light beer with a mild aroma from the use of Pilsner malt and noble Czech Saazhops. A great introduction into craft beer.