Kansas City Kick Starts Tasty Expo: The Hottest Food & Beverage Event in the Midwest

Kansas City Kick Starts Tasty Expo: The Hottest Food & Beverage Event in the Midwest

Kansas City Kick Starts Tasty Expo!

The Hottest Food and Beverage Event in the Midwest

It was easy to choose Kansas City as the May 2018 debut host city of Tasty Expo. Home to 2.1 million, Kansas City is ranked in the top 30 largest cities in the U.S. and centrally located with one of the most easily accessed airports in the country. In the past, Kansas City was not considered to be a culinary destination, but that has changed dramatically! Yes, there is world-famous BBQ, but the culinary level has been elevated to compete with some of the best foodie cities in the country. We can now boast about award-winning chefs such as Debbie Gold, Michael Smith, Colby & Megan Garrelts, Patrick Ryan, Howard Hanna, and Jonathan Justus just to name a few. Many people assume Kansas City is a farm town, so it’s easy to believe that the farm to table scene has exploded lead by favorites like Rye, The Farmhouse, Story and Justus Drugstore. From seafood to steaks, food trucks to world class ethnic foods, Kansas City has delectable bites for every palate and budget. Of course, we can’t forget to brag about our hometown favorite beers, Boulevard Brewing Company and KC Bier Co. As you can see, Kansas City is not just a “flyover” city anymore!

Tasty Expo will be held at the Overland Park Convention Center in Overland Park, an upscale suburb of Kansas City. The demos are attractive for exhibitors who want to put their products in the mouths of consumers who are ready, willing and able to purchase their products. The average median age of an Overland Park resident is 38, with an average income of $119,000 and average household net worth of $753,000. Hotel rates near and around the Convention Center are reasonable at $78-$110/night which makes traveling to Overland Park for out of town exhibitors more affordable, compared to other markets. The show will attract consumers not only from Overland Park, but also from communities and cities surrounding the Kansas City area such as Omaha and Des Moines. Also, located less than 2 hours away is Bentonville, AR corporate headquarters of Walmart, which offices 1100 prospective Walmart vendors. Overland Park is home to Valu Merchandisers and Associated Wholesale Grocers both of which will be invited to the VIP networking event on Friday night, May 18th.

Kansas City offers Tasty Expo exhibitors an affordable, accessible destination centrally located for ease in travel.   And delivers sophisticated consumers, retail/wholesale buyers, grocery retailers, restaurateurs, and c-store owners who are seeking new food brands and a desire to expand their knowledge on upcoming food trends. Not a bad place to start!