Safely Delicious: Allergy-friendly Snacks

Safely Delicious: Allergy-friendly Snacks

Safely Delicious: Allergy-friendly Snacks

Food allergies among children are very common these days, and those children who unfortunately have these allergies can sometimes feel left out or different from the other kids at school. School lunchtime and social activities that include food can be awkward when their food options are limited and sometimes unusual or not as exciting as everyone else’s. Mom, Lisa Ragan sadly watched this happen with her children and she decided to do something about it. She created snacks that looked and tasted just like what her children’s classmates and friends got to enjoy, but still safe for them … safely delicious!

Friends and family all encouraged her to share these treats with other families going through the same experience. Safely Delicious snacks are dairy free, gluten free, tree nut free, peanut free, soy free and egg free and are made in a commercial facility containing none of these food allergens.   They are also cholesterol free, have no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Not to mention, vegan and an excellent source of iron.

You don’t have to have allergies to eat these scrumptious snacks! There are several flavors to choose from including, Classic Bites: semi-sweet chocolate blended with peanut butter flavor; Dark Bites: made with rich dark chocolate and peanut butter flavor; Minty Bites: organic peppermint candy blended with rich dark chocolate; Mocha Bites: a delicious combination of chocolate and coffee; and Raspberry Bites: sweet raspberries mixed with rich dark chocolate. Tuck a package of these sweet crunchy treats in your kids’ Easter baskets!   And stop by the Safely Delicious tasting station at Tasty Expo, May 19-20 at the Overland Park Convention Center.