Show and Tell

Once Upon a Time ….

Everyone loves a captivating story!  They bring people together, create bonds and memories.  By adding storytelling to your marketing recipe you have the opportunity to engage and educate your audience at the same time.  Whether a large corporation, small business or startup, good stories get attention and make your brand stand out.  And people who pay attention to your story purchase your product!

Face to face story telling at a show such as Tasty Expo creates connection that builds long lasting relationships and brand loyalty.  Very rarely will you be surrounded by tens of thousands of potential customers all looking to taste, feel, smell and hear about your product.  Start by sharing who you are! What’s your name?  Tell people about the person behind the brand.  Be proud of what you’ve accomplished.  Where did you come from?  What is your history?  What have you done to get to this point? How did your company come to be?  What motivated you to start your company?  Is this a family tradition?  Do you love cooking?  Do you have a passion for health and wellness and want to share it?   Make sure your personality shines through!

Next, be descriptive about what you are selling.  Tell attendees about your mouth watering recipe.  What makes it different from the competition?  What special ingredients do you use to create the unique blend of taste?  Whet their appetites by offering samples.  What time, effort and care are poured into creating this product?  Make sure their palates are satisfied after they walk away from your booth. Your location is also a part of your story.  Where are you located?  Consumers love to buy local, but they also enjoy learning about new products across the country.  Where can they find you?  Which retailers carry your brand on their shelves?  Are you online?

The most powerful stories include the consumers.  Human to human connections are the heart of marketing.  Include your audience in your story, make them your hero and you will have a loyal customer for life!  Tasty Expo sets the stage and hand delivers a captive audience directly to you.  You’re next for Show and Tell!  Get in touch with us today to reserve your booth at the Overland Park Convention Center, May 18 -20, 2018!  913-485-8356.


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