Smart Chicken: Taste the Air-Chilled Difference

Smart Chicken: Taste the Air-Chilled Difference
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
It’s a win/win for everyone when you purchase a poultry product from Smart Chicken.  Rest assured, you are getting the highest quality chicken in tenderness, wholesomeness and taste.  How is this accomplished?  Smart Chicken’s #1 priority is to raise chickens on a strict diet of locally sourced grains and vegetables from the Midwest.  Animal by-products are never to accelerate weight gain, which is a common practice in conventional chicken producers.  Smart Chickens are cage free and housed in state of the art, tunnel ventilated buildings to ensure fresh air and a better quality of life.  Humane handling is a requirement at every level of production.  The standards of the HFAC (Humane Farm Animal Care) are strictly followed and every effort is made to ensure an atmosphere that keeps the birds healthy therefore eliminating the need for antibiotics.
Air Chilled?
Tecumseh Farms, located in Nebraska, is where the chickens are born and raised with care.  They were the first chicken producer to adopt a process called air chilling, commonly used in Europe.  To this day, they are still the only producer with a USDA pure process verified, 100% air-chilled, no water added product  Other chicken producers use a water immersion chilling process, which leaves meat waterlogged, affecting the texture and flavor of the chicken.  At Smart Chicken each bird is chilled individually without touching another chicken.  No nitrates, nitrites or MSG are added.  The process is completed by packaging the poultry with a numeric code which traces back to the exact barn and flock in which it was raised.
Smart Chicken will be the sponsor of Tasty Expo’s Chicken BBQ Contest, May 18-20, 2018 at the Overland Park Convention Center.  Contestants will use their unique rubs and sauces to enhance fresh and flavorful Smart Chicken.  There will be billowing hickory smoke aromas floating around Overland Park during the Tasty Expo!  Join us!