Tell City Pretzel- They’re Twisted And They Know It!

Tell City Pretzel- They’re Twisted And They Know It!

Tell City Pretzel

They’re Twisted and they know it!

Pretzel lovers everywhere will be delighted to taste the hardy crunch and unique taste of the hand twisted Tell City Pretzel.  The top secret recipe was brought to Tell City, Indiana 150 years ago by a Swiss immigrant named Casper Goor.  Decade after decade the recipe was kept a secret as it passed through the hands of many bakers until it fell into the possession of Brad and Sandy Smith.  For a period of time, the pretzel company had gone out of business, dissapointing those who had grown to love the unique pretzels, but the Smith’s revived the brand and have maintained the integrity of the secret recipe. The quality that makes these pretzels so special is the crunch.  They offer a hardier crunch than sourdough or Dutch pretzels, which is what puts Tell City Pretzel in a class of its own.

Tell City Pretzels are hand-twisted, dipped in a solution and then baked at the exact temperature and time that creates its signature crunch.  Enjoy your pretzels with any beverage as a quick snack or bring them to your next football watching party.  You’ll find the pretzels online in several flavors including Honey Mustard, Ranch and Garlic.  Of course, you should order the traditional pretzel to enjoy the original taste and crunch that make this pretzel like none other.  And rest assured, not a single pretzel morsel is wasted. Broken pretzels have been found to take on flavors easily.  Garlic, Ranch, Buffalo, Honey BBQ, and Honey Mustard are all available in broken pieces.  They even offer burnt pretzels to those who enjoy the flavor.

Brad and Sandy Smith were not pretzel experts when they purchased the business, but they have made it their business to continue to bring the centuries old recipe back to life.  Legend has it that pretzels originated in Southern European monasteries, where Monks would reward the children for correctly reciting their prayers.  Reward yourself with a Tell City pretzel at Tasty Expo in May 2018, where they will be sampling and selling their famous pretzels.  You are in for a twisted treat!