The Tasty Expo Experience

The Tasty Expo Experience

Get ready to Taste. Sip. & Learn at the Tasty Expo. This is the largest food and beverage expo to ever hit the Midwest and it’s coming this way from May 18 until May 20, 2018.

To get the full experience of what it going to be like for our vendors…read on!

The Vendor Experience

The Tasty Expo Vendor Experience begins Friday morning:

As you bust into the double doors at the Overland Park Convention Center early Friday morning, be sure you have your confidence and your determination in tow. All the big-wigs and the know-howers of the industry are going to be setting up their booths and the air will be buzzing with excitement. The Tasty Expo is officially in action!

As you get your booth set up, feel free to venture around, check out the space, and chat with all the other vendors. Don’t forget to check out the location of The Tasty Expo featured demonstration stages! Maybe take a break for lunch and come back to finish setting everything up.

The fun begins Friday evening!

Friday evening The Tasty Expo will be hosting an Industry Only Party at the Overland Park Convention Center. All Vendors are welcome to join in for this awesome networking opportunity. You will be invited for food, drinks, and live entertainment. This will be the best chance for you to get to meet and get to know all sorts of like-minded individuals, and interact with industry retail chains both big and small. This will certainly be a highlight of The Tasty Expo Experience.

The Tasty Expo Vendor Experience Saturday & Sunday:

Over the course of the next two days we will have a fun-filled experience for everyone involved. All our vendors will have the chance to show attendees their products, and most importantly, they will be able to receive feedback and suggestions for future products. The Tasty Expo will provide all you food and beverage experts with the rare opportunity to actually demonstrate your product to attendees and those big-wig companies you may be trying to work with. The Tasty Expo will be your chance to increase your sales, make important networking connections, and gain customers for life.

And what’s more, The Tasty Expo will have a host of contests, prizes, and best-in-show awards for all the vendors involved.

After the weekend is over, all there is left to do is look forward to The Tasty Expo in 2019, you can also be sure to jump on board any of our future dates across the country!