Try It… You’ll Like It!

Try It… You’ll Like It! 

A recent report from Sampling Effectiveness Advisors showed that 73% of consumers said they were likely to buy a food product after trying it.  Only 25% said the same thing about seeing a food product on a tv commercial.  This supports prior studies stating that sampling is the single most effective marketing method in selling food and beverage products.  Food companies who make it a priority to get their food in other people’s mouths are the most successful.

Imagine having the opportunity to personally interact with your target consumer to get feedback right on the spot.  And the ability to sell your product the way YOU want to sell your product, establish goodwill with your customers and tell the story behind your product firsthand. Enjoy watching people taste your food for the very first time and get ideas for pairing and future products.


81% of food event attendees walk up to a display because they want to taste the products.  Only 54% were drawn in by a discount or special offer.  41% visited a booth exhibit because they wanted to learn about the product.  Booths that sample create a buzz or ripple effect amongst attendees who often talk about their favorites and drive other attendees to that booth.  Take advantage of the traffic to your booth and engage attendees to use their senses of taste, smell and feel to create an emotional connection between them and your product.  Emotional connection is the foundation of developing loyalty to your brand.  It also follows the law of reciprocity which inspires people to give back to those who give to them.

Sampling also gets the consumer to think about the product.  Which in turn motivates them to talk about a product that they like.  Use this valuable information to test a new product before it goes into full production.  You may hear that you need to make a few more changes to improve the product.  Explore ideas that could exceed consumer expectations and put you at an advantage over your competitors.  Correct the mistakes while in the promotional phase before it is on the shelves.  Sampling is also perfect for establishing relationships with online shoppers by eliminating their fear in buying a new product.


The best food promotion ever?  Feed people!  It’s the most effective way to bond with and secure the customer who will buy for life and encourage others to do the same.  Invest the hard work and passion you have poured into your product by showcasing it at the Tasty Expo in Kansas City, May 2018!  Call any of our event managers to discuss how you can participate in the ultimate food and beverage experience.  Put your money where their mouths are!