A Smorgasbord for Kansas City Foodies!

A Smorgasbord for Kansas City Foodies!

A Smorgasbord for Kansas City Foodies!

You will be delighted when you walk into the Tasty Expo May 19-20 at the Overland Park Convention Center!   Beautiful displays of hundreds of delicious foods and beverages will be waiting for you to sip and savor. Here are a just a few products that you can expect to see at the show….

Red Duck Foods

A quirky little duck graces the bottles of Red Duck Food products representing the spirited curiosity and innovation of the brand. Just under two pounds of California grown, organic tomatoes are vine ripened and picked as soon as they turn red naturally to make their delicious tomato based products. Try their four varieties of ketchup; Original, Smoky, Curry and Spicy or three tasty barbecue sauces; Smoked Applewood Molasses, Hot Honey Chipotle and Sweet Mustard Peppercorn.  They have cocktail sauce and a brand-new taco sauce as well!

Pickled Pink

Jarred by hand, Pickled Pink Gourmet Products are made with the freshest and most imaginative cucumbers, jalapenos, and watermelon. Serve them with salads or sandwiches to add a Southern, sweet and sassy flavor. Try their pickled Peaches, Okra and delicious Vidalia Onion and Peach Relish!

The Good Crisp

30 years ago, a small Australian company made a commitment to make great tasting snacks from the best ingredients available. Today The Good Crisp chips are enjoyed world-wide with three flavors to choose from; Original, Sour Cream and Onion and BBQ!

Old Croc Cheese

Another Australian food product, Old Croc Cheese takes advantage of the geographic location that lends itself to fertile soil, and high rainfall, all ideal situations for dairy farming. It’s here that Old Croc produces their all natural, non-GMO cheese from the milk of the Australian cows that graze on these lush green pastures.

Deep River Snacks

10% of net profits from the sales of millions of bags of chips are donated to a variety of charities every year. You’ll find one of these organizations on the back of their snacks. There motto “We Give A Chip” not only suggests their generous heart but also their commitment to delicious snacks with great taste from the best quality ingredients.   Roasted Pecan Caramel Popcorn was the company’s first snack, but today they produce a variety of kettle chips, classic potato chips, tortilla chips and popcorn to salty cravings.   Try them with your favorite sandwich or make a dip for your friends during March Madness!

Oli Salumeria

Oliviero “Olli” Colmignoli inherited recipes dating back over 160 years for artisanal slow-cured meats. Made with pork from pigs that are humanely pasture-raised on vegetarian diets. The meats are cured gently with carefully mixed spice blends which are allowed to penetrate under carefully monitored cool temperatures. Dry-cured Calabrese, Molisana and Napoli salamis as well as whole cured meats like Prosciutto, Coppo and Speck can be found in their extensive product line.

Make sure to stop by all these tasting stations at Tasty Expo. Sample their delicious products and take some home to enjoy with family and friends!