Stumps Hot Olives at Tasty Expo Event Kansas City

Stumps Hot Olives at Tasty Expo Event Kansas City

Hot Hot Hot!

Stumps Hot Olives at Tasty Expo Event Kansas City

Belize was where Jim “Stumps” Hawkinsons discovered the habanero pepper.  Stumps always had an affinity for hot foods and wanted to find a way to add kick to his green olives.  Family and friends supported the launch of Stumps Hot Olives and it took off in high demand!  As the brand grew in popularity, he moved to a facility that could accommodate the production of high volumes of olives.   Armed with the new capabilities of his facility, he was able to produce more varieties of products to appeal to a wider audience of consumers with various tastes, such as a Mediterranean olive seasoned with garlic and basil and a couple flavors of Bloody Mary mixes.

Stumps Hot Olives at Tasty Expo Event Kansas CityStumps eventually sold his company to the Glaser Brothers so he could spend time with his family.  The Glaser Brothers were long time family friends, so Stumps knew that his products were in good hands. And the brothers had always loved Stumps products, which created a passion to continue the tradition of remaining committed to producing quality products, which is the heart of the Stump’s brand.  The Glasers continuously add to the product line with offerings such as Bread & Butter Garlic Cloves, Hot Brussel Sprouts, Hot Dill Pickles and the “Sicilian Style” line of Hot and Mild Giardinieras, Pepperoncini and Hot Sport Peppers.

Kansas City food tasting Tasty Expo ExperienceVisit Stumps Hot Olives website for delicious recipes to try for your snacking enjoyment.  And be sure to visit their booth at Tasty Expo, May 19-20, 2018 at the Overland Park Convention Center to sample Stumps HOT products!



8 oz. package of Cream Cheese

8 oz. of Sour Cream

¼ teaspoon of Garlic Powder

10 Stump’s Hot Olives, chopped

½ cup of Salsa

1 Tablespoon. of Stump’s Olive Juice


Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix until well blended.

Chill for 2 hours and serve with chips, pretzels or as a delicious sandwich spread!

Learn more about Tasty Expo coming to Kansas City May 2018!